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Candles that Uplift the Spirit

What could be more magical than candles, fragrance, crystal stones and intention. These are things that stir the heart and elevate the spirit in us. Relax and enjoy our Tarot with Grace luxury candles especially made to support Uplifting the Spirit!

Each candle scent combination has been carefully chosen to support the intention of your selected candle. The aromatic descriptions that each scent is known for is included on the insert provided with your candle. Descriptions of the crystal stones associated with the candle intention are also described on your insert. These small crystals have been infused at the bottom of your candle.

Whether you are holding the intention or gifting it to someone in your life, these beautiful candles will surely Uplift the Spirit. Explore and awaken the intention of the heart with these inspirational pieces.

Ahhhh, the heart magic of fragrance, crystal stones and intention!

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