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Book a Psychic Tarot Reading with Michaela

Individual readings are by appointment only. Due to Covid-19, readings are available via phone, Zoom or email. In-person readings are not available at this time.  TO SCHEDULE A READING… contact me via email with the type of reading you would like.  Also, please let me know which part of the day works best for you (mornings, afternoons or evenings). I will check my availability and provide you with time options for your reading and instructions for booking. EMAIL MICHAELA

Psychic Tarot Readings with Michaela

  • 15-Minute Psychic Tarot Phone or Zoom Reading (15 minutes @ $45)
  • 30-Minute Psychic Tarot Phone or Zoom Reading (30 minutes @ $65)
  • 60-Minute Psychic Tarot Phone or Zoom Reading (60 minutes @ $100)
  • 75-Minute Psychic Tarot and Channeled Message Phone or Zoom Reading (75 Minutes @ $140).
  • EMAIL Tarot Reading with Michaela @ $50… You will receive an email reading along with an image of the cards drawn. You may ask for a general tarot reading or one question. Upon purchasing an email reading you will receive an email from me asking you to submit your reading request. My expected delivery time is 5-7 days. Once I receive your request, I will confirm the expected delivery date for your Tarot reading.



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If you have a question about scheduling or would like additional information about my work…you may contact me directly. Always happy to hear from you!  EMAIL MICHAELA