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About Michaela

I have been able to see and hear spirits and messages since I was five years old. I use these gifts to channel information from the Spirit realms to help and empower individuals to be the best they can be for their Highest Good!

As a psychic tarot reader I use the cards to  access the information that is most important to my client at the time of the reading. I specialize in Tarot card readings and Lenormand readings. I also provide Astrology, Numerology and Pet readings upon request.

What to expect during a Psychic Tarot Reading

  • Readings may be conducted via phone, Zoom or email.  Due to Covid-19, in-person readings are not available at this time.  
  • I will read the energy of the information provided to me though the cards, Spirit and your guides…and relay that information to you.
  • I will relay to you any information that I receive from Spirit and your guides to assist you in moving forward.

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