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…and so it begins: Welcome to Soulful Joy

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Joy Stories

… and so, it begins. My beautiful souls, if you caught our recent edition of our “In Spirit” newsletter, you may recall I mentioned the debut of a new blog category “Soulful JOY”. Welcome to its debut! In it, I’ll be sharing some of the everyday stories of my journey to dance with JOY on a deeper level.  I hope you’ll take this journey with me as we challenge ourselves to meet Joy right where we are. To maybe ask ourselves, “How do we recognize JOY?…How do we find JOY even in the shadowy, dark times of our lives?” I’d love to hear your stories about your journey with Joy. Additionally, each blog post will carry a channeled message and a brief Tarot Card reading for that channeled message. “Soulful JOY” will appear on our website and via email to our subscribers. (feel free to share if you like). 

…and so, my beautiful souls, I pray that you remain healthy, safe and open to the wisdom of your soul during this collective time of sheltering-in-place. Don’t let this precious time that we’ve been given go to waste. Be conscious… listen to the calling of your heart and soul… be ready for the unfolding of what we are all about to birth.

Many Blessings,